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Online Slots Guide

Below we detail a more-or-less easy guide to online slots, by answering a number of questions that are often on the minds of those who're you to the slot machine world.

First though, be sure to try Gamble-World's free slot machines (click the 'no download free slots' image located immediately above and to the right of this text). With a payback percentage of over 100% and an integrated chat room that allows you to have a little chatter and banter with other players as you spin, what more could you want?

The questions & guide:

What does the term Hold mean?
The Hold is the percentage of coins played that are typically kept by the machine (your losses), or the house. In the average case, the hold is in the range of 3% to 15%.

What is the Pay line?
Slots will have a single (or multiple) horizontal line at the middle of the visible playing screen. If a proper combination falls on that line, you get paid. Hence, this line is the pay line. Some games will have multiple horizontal and vertical pay lines. These are called multi-line slots.

What are Reels?
The reels of a slot machine are the cylindrical spinning pieces on which all of the slot machine's symbols are typically displayed. The typical slot machine will have three reels, however there are numerous other options including two reel, four reel, five reel and even higher. The more reels in the machine, the more permutations or possible combinations are able to hit the pay line.

What are Symbols?
The symbols are graphics, pictures, images, or icons that are spread around the reels. They can be cherries, lemons, bars, oranges or any of the other numerous and easily recognizable images that you may see on a daily basis.

Remember also that right here at Gamble-World you will find a very real and growing online community of casino players who simply love to play and beat the slots. You can join in on the action by clicking the 'no download free slots' image located immediately above and to the right of this text! Once you click the image and our game window pops up, it's a few simple steps to register to start playing, and there is no download required. Best of all too, these slot machines are free and come with a built in chat room so you can enjoy a bit of chatter with other players as you spin.

Additionally, if you're looking to play the slots online for real money, below, to the left and to the right of this text you will see quite a few banners for online casinos that are endorsed by Gamble-World; so please do check out these offers as well!

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