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Slot Machine Tips

You'll notice a lot of online casino portals offering 'Slot Machine Tips', however you'll quickly learn that most of these 'tips' are not specific to gambling in the Virtual World (Online), but instead are specific to slot machines that you will find in real / land casinos. Below, we offer true online slot machine tips that are specific to playing online and which will hopefully help to make your online gaming experience a much more interesting and fun one!

1) Play maximum coins - if you're playing a progressive slot machine, the only real chance that you have of winning the giant jackpot is if you're playing the maximum coins option. That aside, you should ante up and play the maximum coinage allowed for the online slot machine (progressive or not), as it will make your pocket a lot heavier when the winning combinations roll up on your computer screen!

2) View the paytables - different slot machines offer different payouts. Looking at the pay table of an online slot machine can help you to judge the frequency that the machine returns an actual winner. If you see that there are a lot of combinations that return smaller wins, then it may be a safe bet that this machine will typically have a larger hit frequency than one that has fewer winning combinations (but which pay back larger wins). Obviously this is preferred if you are the type of player that prefers a lot of smaller wins more often.

3) Set aside your profits - if you hit a jackpot, ensure that you set aside this profit. In fact, take your initial playing stakes as well as a little profit and set it aside (even if it is simply set aside mentally). Then, if you want to continue, play with a small percentage of your winnings. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being a winner and then giving back these winnings to the online casino (especially if this happens in a very short space of time). After you hit a jackpot, why not take a little break; savor the win and enjoy that winning feeling!

4) Forget about those slot machine systems - they never work in the real world and they aren't going to help you in the virtual world either. Playing the slots has and always will be all about the numbers and especially all about LUCK. There is really no telling when a machine is 'due', so before you go with one of these 'systems', go with your gut feeling instead.

5) Play at trusted online casinos - that is, online casinos that actually make the games as random and natural as the gaming in Las Vegas itself. There are a lot of scam online casinos out there, casinos that you'd be very unlikely to win anything of significance. Here at Gamble-World, we feature only those online casinos that have been long-established with a good player reputation and numerous confirmed jackpots and winners.

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